Lee Vass, Broker-Owner
PHONE:  (850) 545-3439 DIRECT:  (850) 545-3439
3005 Shamrock South, Tallahassee, FL 32309

Personal References:

January 14, 2022

Lee Vass was extremely helpful, at a time when I needed help with a somewhat complex 
real estate transaction. I was living out of county and working to sell a property that was 
part of my Father's estate. Lee made daily communication the norm, to make sure that
I was informed of my duties and the options that I should pursue. He demonstrated great 
experience, knowledge and understanding to work through the issues we faced. In the
end his assistance was invaluable.

Barry Pope
Brandon, FL


June, 2019 

I hired Lee Vass to help me sell my home in Tallahassee. I have known Lee for more
than 40 years and have considered him to be a close friend. I have followed his career 
during all that time. He was an executive for the DuPont company for thirty years. He rose from a 
sales representative to representing the public policy division of that company as a government
affairs manager. He managed association work and lobbying all over the nation. After his
being severenced, after his division was sold, he elected to become a Realtor. He founded his 
own company and works as broker-owner of Lee Vass Realty.

Simultaneously with placing my home on the market I became seriously ill and had to undergo
some serious medical care. This hampered my ability to take care of needed repairs, maintenance 
of the property and being engaged in the preparation work for the market and many other items.
I need not have worried because Lee handled everything from coordinating several thousands of 
dollars of repairs to personally couriering paperwork to get signed to representing me at the 
closing table.

He truly went the extra mile and helped me far beyond original expectations. I readily endorse
him and give him my highest recommendation. 

Richard Miller
Oyster Bay, FL


March, 2019 

Martha and I would like to thank you for all the hard work you put into selling our 
home. There was, of course, the valuable advice about how to price the house for 
the current market, various strategies for listing it using MLS, etc, the great photos
and videos necessary in today's digital world and in keeping us up to date on the 
market in general. Of course many Realtors can and do offer those things. 

It was however, in my mind, the personal touch that you brought to the table
that made the difference. As absentee sellers, we relied on you to help in so many
other ways. Bringing back the trash cans from the road to the house when we 
could not, lending us a rake or shovel when needed, cutting a fallen tree to 
clear the driveway so buyers could see the house, checking on the house after 
a storm, keeping us informed on a continuous basis and so much more.

We had some twists and turns in selling our house but the one steady factor was you,
If we were to do it all over again, you would be our Realtor.

Sincerely Mike and Martha Reilly
7345 Ox Bow Road


Knowing we would be selling our Tallahassee home from Upstate New York, over 1,250
miles away, we interviewed prospective Relators vigorously. In the end we decided to work
 with Lee Vass because he is direct, highly knowledgeable, and professional. From our
preparations to list the house to the last signature at closing, Lee maintained helpful
contact with us every step of the way. He managed all the details, including some sticky
 negotiations, with impressive competence and agreeableness. We couldn't endorse
Lee more strongly.

Alyson Matkin


With an aging mother, we had a mess at the beginning of our projectto sell her home. We had several
agents from which to choose. My
 brother and I discussed the decision and it was a no brainer.Your
temperament was perfect for our family. Most of all we chose you
 because of your obvious possession
 of high character. You did not
proveus wrong and for that we are grateful. 

Thank you, so very much for taking personal interest in the sale of our mother’s house. With the family
some 4+ hours away, you quickly
 became an extension of the family and delivered with excellent
attentiveness and communication. You did not miss a step in 
the process and made what  could have
easily been a stressful 
situation painless. 

You’re a very good man. I hope our paths cross in the near future. 


Robert D. Wagner
Bowser, Wagner & Associates, Inc.
WorkComp Options


We can honestly recommend Lee Vass as honest, trustworthy realtor.

Lee guided us through two very difficult transactions: the purchase of a short sale and the sale of a
property with complicasted zoning issues.

Throughout all of this Lee was knowledgeable and attentive to details. But equally important to his 
professional skills are Lee's personal traits.  He is able to work with both sides to assure no conflicts and to accomplish the goal of selling or purchasing property.  As a result of the cordial dealings, we actually have become friends with the other parties in these transactions.

We are happy in our new home, and Lee had a major role in getting us here.

Gene and Angie Raines
Woodgate neighborhood


I have known Lee Vass for 40 years. I have been in his home and he has been in
 mine. I had some real estate needs involving my children and purchases in and
around the Tallahassee area so I turned to him for help. I can say that Lee is a
 top notch performer in his new profession as a real estate broker. He helped my
 daughter purchase a bank foreclosure on a golf course that filled her family's
 needs perfectly. He also helped two of my sons individually purchase townhomes
 that have worked out well for them. Lee was employed by a Fortune 500 firm for
 thirty years. He was promoted to some very responsible positions as a top executive.
 After the division he worked for was sold to another firm his career was ended.
 He re-invented himself as a real estate broker and has continued to perform at
an executive level. I am able to recommend him to anyone looking to sell
 or purchase property in Tallahassee.

Robin Pope
Brandon, Florida
February 2013 


 My wife and I set out to purchase our first home in 2011. We used Lee Vass
 Realty of Tallahassee. Our experience with Lee was most pleasant. He was always
 available to show us properties. His knowledge of the market and process is second
 to none.We ended up making a purchase that was perfect for us. There were
some difficult avenues to pursue on some elements of the purchase. Lee was on
 top of his game in negotiating us through those hurdles. We felt that we bought
 well and in a location that was perfect for us. Lee is an accomplished business
 executive from his thirty years with DuPont. The skills he mastered there, spill
over into his newer role as a Tallahassee real estate broker. Lee will truly make
you feel comfortable and give you a great peace of mind. He is there every step
of the way, beginning to end. We recommend Lee because he is awesome.

Chris and Kendall Hargrett
February 2013 


We were referred to Lee Vass Realty as we relocated from Iowa to Tallahassee
with our employer. Lee worked with us about a year in helping us find a Tallahassee
 home. We felt that we were in good hands with Lee. Our move was slow and
deliberative since we had to divest property in Iowa. We actually moved into
an apartment in the interim. We wanted to buy in a solid community and we were
seeking the right opportunity. We ended up purchasing a home that Lee showed
 us before it ever went on the market. It turns out that this home was a great buy
and a good fit for us. Lee's professionalism and diligence made the purchase
fairly routine. Lee is a capable and empathetic real estate professional. Not only
 do we feel that we found a very good realtor, we feel that we found a life long friend.
 We can endorse Lee's work and would recommend him to anyone seeking to sell or purchase.

Jeffrey Bill and Ginny Crouse
Febrary 2013


 We used Lee Vass Realty to help us relocate to Florida from Connecticut. We found
Lee to be professional and thorough in the services he provided. We found a
 prospective home and Lee helped us coordinate and negotiate the purchase.
 He was thorough and consistently communicated with us throughout the process.
 Lee stayed with us through this process for more than 18 months. He was patient
 and efficient in helping us look at homes and in deciding the right fit for us.
We feel we discovered a life long friend as well as a top notch realtor.
 We recommend Lee to anyone looking to sell or buy.

Bruce and Barbara Guay
Perry, Florida


Wael Faltas moved from Oklahoma to Tallahassee. He is a busy physician practicing as a
hospitalist at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. His time was limited as far as locating property.
Lee began a search for Dr. Faltas and within 30 days they had found a home and completed the
purchase. Lee helped Dr. Faltas drive a mutually agreeable negotiation. Dr. Faltas expressed
appreciation for Lee's efficiency and his professionalism. Lee's steady hand and understanding of the
Tallahassee market drove a successful outcome for Dr. Faltas.

November 2012


Lee Vass helped us to purchase a home that is perfect for our family. More importantly he
helped us to sell our home of 13 years. We had outgrown this home and were ready to move on.
Our concern was that our home was older and we were in a real estate down turn. There was 
not anything to worry about. Lee guided us through the process of preparation for marketing and
then skillfully led us through the process. We were under contract within two months. However, 
the original buyer did not comply with our contractual agreements. Lee quickly dealt with this buyer, 
placed our home back on the market and guided the process. Our home was shown 2-3 times per 
week until we landed another buyer. This one was successfully closed. We were also able to take 
advantage of a buyers market on our purchase and drove a very successful purchase with Lee's
adanced negotiation skills. Lee is a seasoned professional and will work hard to help you accomplish your 
goals and objectives.

Lyle and Amber
February 2013


We want to let you know how much we appreciate all the work you did to sell our home and
help us move.

You are an amazing realtor and we feel so blessed to have had you represent us in the sale of
our home. Your professionalism, integrity and expertise were invaluable in our being able to
 place our home on the market and sell it so quickly in this stagnant market.

We would enthusiatically recommend you to all of our friends.

Thank you for all of your help. We could not have asked for a smoother sale !

Linn and Augmond Voyles
September 2011


“I've had the pleasure of working with Lee Vass on several occasions over the years and always
 found Lee to go above and beyond to ensure a smooth transaction. Lee was quick to return
 phone calls and keep me posted as to inspections, repairs, survey status and all details relating
 to the real estate closing process. Out side of real estate, Lee and I have become friends and
 I have looked to him for advise and council on a wide range of topics. Lee is a trusted mentor
and value his professionalism and friendship beyond measure.”

Gary Bartlett
April 25, 2011


“I would recommend Lee to anyone that is looking to buy or sell real estate in Tallahassee.
 He is one of the most honest, forthright, and dependable people I know. His personality
makes him very easy to work with and he has the expertise to guide any buyer or seller
through the real estate process. He loves the Tallahassee community and has a familiarity
 with it such that he can find just the right house for you.”

May 24, 2011

Stacy Sirmans

Kenneth G. Bacheller Professor of Real Estate, Florida State University

Lee is a person that I have perfect trust in - what more could you ask in a realtor. I have always
 been confident that if he says he will do something you can bet that it will be done and that it will
 be done on time. Lee's doesn't do something halfway. He knows the real estate business in and
out. If you want someone that can get the job done and get it done right then this is your guy.
 There are no half jobs - there are no gray areas. I highly recommend Lee as realtor.”

Galen Raines
May 25, 2011


I have known Lee Vass for more than a decade. In 2004, he sold a townhouse for me
 when I moved to Atlanta, Georgia. I began looking for a retirement home in north Tallahassee
 in July 2008. Month after month, Lee walked me through 40 or more properties until we
 found the ideal home for me that I purchased in mid-December 2008. His home-town
 knowledge of the market and his endless patience enabled us to find the home I wanted
 in Tallahassee. I am very happy with the process and the product.
Joyner Sims, PhD
March 4, 2009


Lee Vass is an exceptional real estate agent! He helped us purchase our first home, and
we valued his assistance so much that we used his services again when we sold the house.
 Both experiences were excellent. Most notably, he helped us sell our house during the slow
 season of one of the slowest real estate years in recent memory. He works with promptness
 and the highest level of professionalism, and he is personally committed to serving your interests.
 I might add that he is a very genuine and nice person, but he can act with the appropriate amount
 of sterness to help motivate the other party when they are acting unprofessionally--this is the
 perfect mix for a Realtor. If you are looking for a Realtor in Tallahassee Florida, or the Leon
 Country area, we highly recommend Lee Vass.

Paul and Alison Moulton


The purchase of our home in Tallahassee, our first, would not have been possible without the
 help and guidance of Mr. Lee Vass, realtor par-excellence.

Seldom does one come across a more thorough gentleman, honest to the core, and one who
 is well versed with not only the real estate market in this area, but also with the intricacies
of buying (and selling) a home. Lee guided us through every step of the home buying
 process: from applying for a loan and negotiating with the sellers on our behalf, to interpreting
 the contents of a home inspection report and advising us on a homeowner's insurance policy.
This was no small measure given that these transactions were carried out almost remotely from
our previous residence in California ~3000 miles away! More importantly, he was instrumental
 in helping us avoid the pitfalls that first-time homebuyers such as ourselves sometimes find
 themselves in. Lee earned our trust to represent us at every transaction including the all-important
closing. We were struck by his integrity, his professionalism and honesty at every step of the way.
 We love living in our new home, and this has been made possible in part due to his tireless efforts.
The friendship that has blossomed in the interim, a direct consequence of a most pleasant home
 buying experience, is something we will cherish for a long time to come.

Mr. Vass comes highly recommended (one only need peruse what others have written about him)
 and it is both a matter of joy and honor for us to add our names to his impressive list of personal references.

Sanjay & Amrita Kumar
First-time homebuyers
Tallahassee, FL.
(850) 893 1651

SK is Asst. Prof. of Biomedical Sciences & Neuroscience, College of Medicine, FSU.
AK is Director of Business Development at Acellent Technologies Inc., Sunnyvale, California.


I feel lucky in the fact that I was recommended to Lee after being
dissatisfied with another real estate agent and extremely discouraged in
the idea of purchasing my first home. However, from the beginning, Lee
made me feel comfortable and really took a lot of pressure off from my
shoulders in dealing with purchasing my first home. In fact he made the
home buying experience fun and exciting. Not only was he professional
through the entire process, he was very good at keeping me informed of
things I might not have thought about, and made it very easy. Hands
down, I would recommend Lee for any real estate need and would use him
again in a heartbeat.

Hope Stewart
Tallahassee, Florida


"We've had the privilege of associating with Lee Vass on a personal
level for many years now. When the time came for us to buy a home we
felt lucky that there was someone in the real estate business that we
knew and trusted. We knew very little about real estate before we
started and were a little nervous about making costly mistakes. Lee
patiently guided us through the process and made sure we were satisfied
with each step before moving forward. Lee always made himself available
to answer any questions or concerns. We were definitely pleased with
the outcome of our home purchase and we owe that to the hard work and
expertise that we received from Lee Vass."

Shawn and Sonya Christiansen
Tallahassee, FL


Buying our first home turned out to be an enjoyable and amazingly smooth experience with
 Lee Vass as our realtor. From our first day of house hunting to signing the last of the closing
 paperwork, Lee was helpful, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. His sense of
 humor and great personality made searching for a house something we looked forward to
 doing. His expertise about the local market and all aspects of the home buying process made
 us feel like we were in good hands. There was no doubt that Lee had our best interests at heart
and we knew that we could trust him to help us make the right decisions about our new home.
He went above and beyond the call of duty in every way. We highly recommend Lee to anyone,
 especially first time homebuyers.

Thank you for everything, Lee!!!

David and Sara Charles

Tallahassee, FL



We were originally referred to Lee Vass when relocating to Tallahassee from Maryland.
 By chance, our realtor in Maryland had recently had first hand experience with Lee and
 her experience with him was exceptional. She highly recommended him! We were amazed
at how responsive Lee was to our needs. He was rarely unavailable, and if by chance we
 couldn't reach him, he always returned our phone calls right away. Lee is patient, courteous, knowledgeable of the local area, has a wonderful sense of humor, and always follows through
on his commitments.


After just 14 months in FL. we found out we were being transferred to West Virginia.
There was no question in our minds that we would choose Lee to help sell our home.
With the slowing of the housing market, we were concerned that it would take a considerable
 amount of time to sell it. However, that proved to be untrue with Lee on our side. After a
very short period of time, and with other houses in the neighborhood for sale, our house was
 under contract!!


You can feel completely confident in putting your trust in Lee. His work ethic and high moral
 standards are unwavering. He will go above and beyond the call of duty to help you find or sell
 your home. You will find that Lee is the best of the best in the Tallahassee real estate market.
We not only consider Lee to be the best real estate agent we've ever worked with, but we also
 feel that we have gained a lifetime friend.


Misty and Bert Buchanan
Charleston, WV
(304) 562-3917




"We just sold our house with Lee Vass as our realtor and we cannot imagine
how we could have done it without his expertise. Lee provided invaluable
information and assistance throughout the entire process. He went well
above and beyond what we expected from a realtor. We truly felt that he was
looking out for our best interests at all times. We recommend him to anyone
who is buying or selling a home."

Matt Snyder, M.D.
Gina Snyder



"We were first time home buyers and we were moving to Tallahassee from London, England
 to take up jobs at the Florida State University's new College of Medicine. We were very fortunate
 to have Lee as our realtor, as he specializes in first time home buyers. Lee is the best realtor in
 town by far and is a great guy with a terrific sense of humor. He is also very courteous,
 knowledgeable, patient, attentive, fair and has high moral and ethical standards. His years as
a lobbyist for DuPont Pharmaceuticals has turned him into a formidable negotiator, a trait
which comes in very handy when he has to tackle tough deals on behalf of his clients.

It took us over a year to find a suitable home because of our specific taste in houses. Lee was
 very patient and informative throughout the process. He taught us everything we needed to
 know about buying a home in a new country. He is a walking encyclopaedia of information
 on mortgage lenders, insurers, home inspectors, surveyors, appraisers, etc. in the Tallahassee
 area. Apart from that, Lee has been our first stop for all information pertaining to living and
working in Tallahassee , from restaurants to barber shops, fish stalls, furniture stores, places
 of interest in the surrounding area , the list is endless. All this information has proved invaluable
 for us as we were not only new to Tallahassee, but also somewhat new to this country.

Not only did Lee help us buy our first home, he also helped us move in and settle down in
 Tallahassee. He undertook a trip with us to Jacksonville to pick up some furniture and move
 it to our home! Even after buying our house, Lee has been very helpful with suggestions
 regarding hiring of personnel for carrying out minor repairs, etc. to our house. All of this just
confirms that Lee routinely goes above and beyond his role as a realtor for his clients. During
the process of helping us buy a house, Lee has become our close personal friend. We can never
 thank him enough for all that he has done for us. We have been absolutely delighted with Lee's
 service as a realtor and recommend him for all real estate transactions. Just remember the slogan:

Buying a house in Tallahassee?
Buy it through Lee!

Akash Gunjan, Ph.D.
Johanna Paik, Ph.D.
College of Medicine
Florida State University."

I have known Lee Vass on a personal level for more than ten years. When the time came
 for my family to leave Tallahassee, I chose Lee as our realtor based on our friendship and
 because I knew of his honesty and integrity. We couldn't have been more pleased.

Lee was the most diligent and helpful realtor I have ever dealt with. If we made a request,
no matter how trivial, Lee was in my driveway within minutes. My wife and kids came to love
 Lee and he became like a member of the family. When my business required for me to be away,
 Lee was there for my family. He was always cheerful, upbeat and confident. He ushered us
through the home sale from start to finish. The best part: Lee sold my house in 1 day, TWICE!
We had a problem with a bad buyer who bid on day one of our being on the market. Lee allowed
this person two weeks to get financing. Then he put the house back on the market and we got
the second offer on day one of our being back on the market. While, admittedly, we kept up a
 nice home, there were other homes in our neighborhood, priced similarly, that were on the market
 for months.

Lee Vass has my highest recommendation. He will sell your home.

Tracy W. Atkinson, R. Ph.
Former Manager, Alberton's Pharmacy, Thomasville Rd. 1995-2004



My goodness..........talk about going above and beyond the expectations of a realtor!
That you did! I want to thank you for not only selling my house but for being so attentive
 throughout the entire process. You were always just a telephone call away. You never made
 me feel as though I was intruding on your day. You never hesitated to answer my many questions.
And your patience and honesty is commendable and truly appreciated.

I hired you as a realtor but quickly considered you a friend. You are tops in my book as both!
 Trust me - you are the only realtor I will recommend!!!!

My best wishes to you for a prosperous future!

Leala (Randall) Day
1845 Westwind Drive
Cumming, GA 30041
~ ~ ~
formerly of
8586 Manor Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32303


"As first time home buyers, we couldn't have asked for an easier experience. Lee Vass was
 efficient, professional, and always kept our best interests in mind. Lee posesses a rare
combination of integrity, personality, and dedication. How many realtors can say that?"

Kim and Isaac Hurtado
Tallahassee, FL


I have had the pleasure of working with and have known Lee Vass for a number of years. I have
 always found him to be hard working, honest and sincere. Lee is known as someone who will go
that extra mile for you. I have found him to be someone who will take your needs and wants and
work his hardest to make sure they are fulfilled.

I know you will find him to be a pleasure to work with.

Steve Glass, CAE, CMP
Glass Management Services
3015 Shannon Lakes North
Suite 303
Tallahassee, FL 32309


TO; Whom it may concern

" Please let this serve as a formal reference on behalf of Lee Vass. I had the pleasure of working
 for Mr. Vass as a contract consultant. At the time, Mr. Vass was leading the governmental
relations efforts in the state of Florida for a major U.S. Corporation. I can say without hesitation
 that Lee Vass is one of the finest individuals I have ever had the opportunity to work with. I've
 never worked with a more positive motivator who showed appreciation for each team member....
.....I would recommend him and be happy to speak on his behalf."

Jon E. Johnson
Johnson & Associates
Government Relations
Tallahassee, FL 32301


To Whom it may concern:

" I am pleased to have been asked to write a letter on behalf of Lee Vass.........Lee has a
 commanding personality which immediately ingratiates him to anyone he meets.........He knows
 his job from A-Z, coordinates all the work of those associated with him, and at all times gives
 credit to others when much of the success is because of his efforts. He works tirelessly, never
complains, and is always available to help.............."

" I strongly and wholeheatedly recommend him. He is honest, loyal, committed to his work and
 is a man of integrity......Of all the people I have worked with over my 45 years in the practice
of medicine, and as the Assistant Secretary for Health in Washington, DC, I can think of no
one I have enjoyed knowing more than Lee Vass..........."

Robert E. Windom, M.D., FACP, FACC
U.S. Assistant Secretary for Health
Appointed by President Ronald Reagan



SUBJECT: Edwin Lee Vass, of Tallahassee, Florida

I have had the opportunity to work with Lee Vass on numerous and varied occasions to the extent
that I have had ample time to observe his varied skills in dealing with individuals and groups,
 following a strategic plan, as well as marketing products and services.

Lee is articulate and well spoken; he has a specific talent for knowing when it is time to voice
opinions and facts and when it is more appropriate to listen and understand what is being
 communicated. I would rate his social and people related skills as both sensitive and superlative.

Most importantly, I would emphasize he is honest, trustworthy and faces business activities
 with integrity being a cornerstone of his philosophy and business approach. I do not hesitate
 in providing him with the very best of recommendations.

Steven H. Campora
Director of Special Projects
Workforce Florida, Inc.
1974 Commonwealth Lane
Tallahassee, Florida, 32303-3196
Phone: (850) 921-1119



I really enjoyed working with Lee Vass. From past association I knew him to be honorable
 and truthful; valuable assets in a real estate agent. I knew I could trust him to be honest in his
dealings with me as a client. I found him to also be eager to do all he could to help me find the
 "house of my dreams," advising me wisely on desirable locations and building styles, and any
possible problems that could arise. He spent many days locating houses he thought I'd be
 interested in, making arrangements to see them and chauffering me to see them. When I found
 "the house", he immediately contacted the selling realtor, making it possible for my offer to arrive
 before others that came in the same day. Lee made looking for and buying a new house easy and
 fun. I would not hesitate to use his services again and can certainly recommend him to anyone
 without reservation.

Ann F. Nicholson



I am pleased to say that I have known Lee Vass for over twenty-five years. In this time
 I have had an opportunity to interact with him socially, in business, and when he has roped me
into doing volunteer work with his charities. Lee is one of my favorite people. He has always
displayed the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and accountability. If Lee says he will do
something, you do not have to give it another thought or remind him about it – just consider it
done and done correctly. I wholeheartedly recommend Lee Vass to anyone in the market to sell
or buy real estate. He is an experienced businessman who will treat you fairly and do his very
 best for you.

Perry Anderson, Marketing Consultant
800.763.4868 (1861)


Lee Vass
Lee Vass Realty of Tallahassee
Ph: (850) 545-3439
3005 Shamrock South
Tallahassee, FL 32309 US
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